Kit List


IMG_3196 When IMG_4659packing please remember that it’ll most likely be cold and wet and its best if you only pack old clothes! Even in the Summer it is still cold at night. Scouts should pack their own bag (supervised ideally) so they know where to find their torch/mess tin etc. once it is dark! Some items on the list are season dependent and those in bold are essential.

Kit will vary due to the different type of camps. Clothes that dry quickly are the best to pack.

For some activities items are required per team and not per individual (i.e. Compass/First Aid Kit/Cooker/Map cover)this will be advised in advance.

Advice on how to pack a Rucsac can be found here


Outdoor Kit Utility Kit
Waterproof Jacket (for activities such as canoeing 2 sets maybe needed) Whistle
Waterproof trousers (for activities such as canoeing 2 sets maybe needed) Hand Torch plus batteries
Hat (waterproof) and or Sun hat Head Torch plus batteries
Scarf Pen Knife
Gloves (waterproof) Map Cover
Gaiters Bivvi Bag
Pen Knife Foil Blanket
Rucksack Compass
Rucksack cover Striker
Waterproof rucksack liner Camping Chair/Stool
Day Rucksack Drinking Bottle(metal)
Survival Tin with contents Water bladder
Bin Liner (for wet clothes) Pencil and Pad
Watch (cheap one) Walking Stick
  Paracord/Bunjee ties
Clothes Eating
Thermals Plate or Mess Tin
Trousers (must dry out quickly so no jeans or tracksuit bottoms) Bowl and Cup
T shirts Knife, Fork and Spoon
Fleece or Hoodie Tin Opener
Socks(normal and walking) and spares Tea Towel
Underwear Emergency Rations (for hikes)
Shorts Foil
Scout Uniform (usually only Necker) Washing Up Liquid
Activity Clothing Scourer
Scarf, hat and gloves (for wearing at night) Flexible Chopping Board
  Cooker and Gas (We will provide these but you may wish to bring your own for camps where you need to cook your own meals)
Sleeping Footwear
Sleeping Bag Wellies
Sleeping Bag Liner Hiking Boots
Roll mat or self inflating mat Spare old trainers
Hammock (Scouts can provide) Surf shoes
Teddy Bear
Personal Items First Aid Bag/Tin
Wash Bag Bite Cream
Towel Mosi Spray
Tissues/Toilet Roll Antiseptic Cream
Toothbrush Antiseptic wipes
Toothpaste Small Pair of scissors
Brush Tweezers
Soap or gel Safety Pins
Hand sanitizer Surgical Tape
Suncream Sterile gauze swabs
Sunglasses Dressing Pads (1 large and 1 small)
Wet Wipes Crepe Bandage
Pocket Money Triangular Bandage
Personal Medication Plasters
  Blister Kit ( especially for Operation Nightmare/Gwentrex)
  Disposable Gloves