Badges and Uniform

Scouting is a uniformed organisation. When you join, you need to buy the uniform before you are invested (normally a few weeks after joining).

Scout Uniform

  • Teal Green Long Sleeved Shirt (Note: Extra Small (XS) size fits many Scouts throughout their entire four year stay in the Scout Section!)
  • Neckerchief and woggle (ordered and presented by leaders- £5)
  • Dark Blue Activity Trousers/Shorts (Optional)

If you do not buy the optional dark blue activity trousers/shorts, then please come along in dark trousers/shorts suitable for outdoor activities.

As well as the uniform, there are optional waterproofs, fleeces, caps etc. which are not part of the uniform but can be purchased and worn for Scouting and non-Scouting events.

All items of uniform, including scarves and anything else that your young person is likely to take off, should be clearly named.

Where to buy uniform and accessories?

Uniform can be bought online at the scout shop.

It can also be bought locally from John Lewis, Pretty Miss in Cwmbran and Macey Sports in Newport. Second hand uniforms can also be bought from Ebay.


Scouts have challenge badges, that work towards their Chief Scouts Gold badge, and over seventy activity badges that let them discover many new activities.

Please note that the Welsh Dragon badges should be on the top of the shoulders facing forwards.

If your scout is awarded a badge, please sew it on their shirt as shown below:

More information about scout badges can be found on the website.