Helping Us

Please don’t stop reading- without your support we would not be able to provide Scouting in Usk.

Our group is run by volunteers:  leaders, trainee leaders, young leaders, regular helpers, occasional helpers and committee members- none of whom gets paid.

However, we still need more help at Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and would be really pleased to hear from you if you think you can help us. There are many roles to choose from and we aim is to find something right for you and then help you have fun too; scouting isn’t just for the kids! Volunteering with our group can mean anything from spending a few minutes every few months on an administrative task to running section meetings. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to help us provide scouting to the children in our area.

You may like to visit to find out more.

You can also help us by making sure your child gets to meetings or events on time with the proper clothing and equipment. Labelling all your child’s kit will also save us a lot of time in sorting out who the owner is.

We also welcome a helping hand when we are setting up or clearing up after a meeting or event.

Some sections like the Beavers operate a parent’s rota and if you are unable to attend it would be helpful if you can arrange a swap with another parent rather than getting the leaders to do this.

We often need help on some of the camps we run but to be able to camp with us then we will need you to apply for a DBS for the Scout Movement with our assistance. Please talk to Deb Bainbridge about this.

If you work in a supermarket then you might be able to help us buy provisions for our camps.

We do a lot of badge work as part of the programme and if you can spare some time it would be great if you could help out at a session to help our members gain their badges- perhaps you work with animals or are involved with health and fitness or are a keen gardener or are involved in electronics and Technology etc. Take a look at the badge requirements on the Beavers, Cubs and Scout Pages and if you think you can help then please talk to your section leader.



We are always on the lookout for session materials for all the different sessions that we run.

In the past we have been given lots of good stuff like: large rolls of paper which we use for art, large boxes of disposable cups and plates which are great for camps, shelving, logs and large cardboard boxes for making coffins for Halloween!

halloween coffin

If it’s in good condition and you don’t need it we can probably use it in one of our sessions. Please Contact Us or ask a leader if you think you have something we might be able to use.  Even if you can’t think of a use for it we might be able to.

Any materials donated by you or companies are very gratefully received and help us reduce costs and keep subs as low as possible.