Canoe camp

Camping out is a big part of Scouting and The Scouts are currently camping out for at least 1 night every month (this is optional). Although each camp will have specific kit requirements the information below will give you a good idea of what you might need to buy or borrow from friends. If you need any advice then please talk to the Leaders or other parents. All kit is also stored in the Scout’s tents so please bear this in mind when packing. It is really important that all items of kit are clearly labelled with your Scout’s name as most of them have the same kit or can’t remember what kit they have brought!

 If sleeping bags and roll mats are not packed inside a bag then please make sure they are in a waterproof bag so they don’t get wet whilst the tents are being put up. For some camps where there is minimal hiking then a waterproof duffel bag maybe better than a rucksack. For some activities such as Operation Nightmare you will also need a small daysack for the activity.


For most camps full Scout Uniform is not required only the Necker ( as each Group’s Necker is individual this helps us identify our Troop especially when lots of other Troops are taking part in the activity).

Any Scout that arrives on camp ill equipped will be unable to take part in the activity and regrettably parents will have to collect them from camp.


  • Phones
  • Electronic items
  • Anything easily breakable

IMG_2279    Hammock CAMP 2015